Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have really neglected the blog for the past few days.  Reese has been sick all week long.  Just when I think she is about to rebound from it she takes a turn for the worse.  It is a cold and what I thought was a stomach virus.  But last night she started with a fever so we are off to the doctor for a professional opinion.

In my absence if you are a reader...and yes there are a few of you (THANKS!)...I want to recommend you jump over and read one of my most fav blogs  Enjoy and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with better news on Reese and time to actually blog something worth reading!


  1. Thanks for the props! I hope your little one gets better soon!

  2. Oh I hope she gets better soon!! That's no fun having sick ones!!

  3. Thanks gals....just when I think she is better...WRONG. But today seems to be holding good.