Monday, September 21, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

I have neglected the blog for the past week. Things have been so busy. Between lessons, barn work, riding horses and life in general I haven't had a chance to blog. But my husband is trying hard to make my life easier. He bought me a laptop and wireless router. Now I can use the computer from the comforts of my own bed or anywhere else I happen to I have to show him what a difference it has made by being much more productive! So that is my plan to turn over a new leaf and work harder, longer and more efficiently. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can you ever catch up?

This week has not gone well...I feel like I fell down a well and the harder I try to crawl out the deeper I sink. The week started on a bad note with several sick family members, some are still on the mend from a stomach virus. Thank goodness Reese didn't catch it. I am trying so hard to get myself on some sort of schedule so that I can find time to take care of Reese, clean house, do barn work, blog, work on website construction, give riding lessons and be ready for all the evening activities by the time school is out. So far no success. Even on days when I get up before 5 am, and I cant function doing that everyday, it just doesn't allow enough time to do it all. Dirty clothes are piled up, the kitchen table and island are filled with clutter, the garbage cans are filled with garbage, laundry is piled up both clean and dirty. Calgon take me away! There has to be a way to do it all. I am going to figure it out and when I do I will get back to you and share my success!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Understanding kids....

It is so hard to understand kids these days. I guess I was raised in a different time and honestly probably a better time. Though my philosophy was to be more open to my kids and make them feel that their feelings mattered I would likely have been better served to rear them in the "because I said so" fashion that I was raised. So many kids today believe they have the right to argue and contradict their parents. To make matters worse when you have a blended family like mine there is always the "I want my (insert absent parent)". Kids feel like they can escape the rules and discipline of one parent by going to the home of the other. That is when it is truly vital that parents work together and support each others rules and discipline...otherwise kids will make every attempt to walk on both parents. There is a reason kids have parents. If they were born with all the wisdom they needed to make good decisions God would have never set up the whole "family" unit. There are several things in life that are important but none more than God and family. Kids should never be allowed to sacrifice either and parents should work to be sure they don't for if they do...down the road the consequences will be severe.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The day has finally arrived!

I started this blog by telling everyone about the colt we bought back in the spring...A Streak of Fly. His pedigree is outstanding, his conformation, color and attitude are wonderful. His possibilities are limitless...this is a special horse with an incredible future.................and today he is coming home! We are traveling to Morristown, Tn to Rock Bottom Quarter Horses today to pick him up. Yes there will be a million photos of this event on here tomorrow so check back and see what he looks like. We really feel like Junior is a once in a lifetime horse and that he will be a life changing addition to the farm. We are soooo excited and very thankful to Ben and Jessica Gilbert for giving us the oppurtunity to own this great colt. If you are a Facebook friend the journey will no doubt be documented all day and mobile pictures will be uploaded so be on the lookout.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!