Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Understanding kids....

It is so hard to understand kids these days. I guess I was raised in a different time and honestly probably a better time. Though my philosophy was to be more open to my kids and make them feel that their feelings mattered I would likely have been better served to rear them in the "because I said so" fashion that I was raised. So many kids today believe they have the right to argue and contradict their parents. To make matters worse when you have a blended family like mine there is always the "I want my (insert absent parent)". Kids feel like they can escape the rules and discipline of one parent by going to the home of the other. That is when it is truly vital that parents work together and support each others rules and discipline...otherwise kids will make every attempt to walk on both parents. There is a reason kids have parents. If they were born with all the wisdom they needed to make good decisions God would have never set up the whole "family" unit. There are several things in life that are important but none more than God and family. Kids should never be allowed to sacrifice either and parents should work to be sure they don't for if they do...down the road the consequences will be severe.