Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can you ever catch up?

This week has not gone well...I feel like I fell down a well and the harder I try to crawl out the deeper I sink. The week started on a bad note with several sick family members, some are still on the mend from a stomach virus. Thank goodness Reese didn't catch it. I am trying so hard to get myself on some sort of schedule so that I can find time to take care of Reese, clean house, do barn work, blog, work on website construction, give riding lessons and be ready for all the evening activities by the time school is out. So far no success. Even on days when I get up before 5 am, and I cant function doing that everyday, it just doesn't allow enough time to do it all. Dirty clothes are piled up, the kitchen table and island are filled with clutter, the garbage cans are filled with garbage, laundry is piled up both clean and dirty. Calgon take me away! There has to be a way to do it all. I am going to figure it out and when I do I will get back to you and share my success!

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