Monday, August 24, 2009

Arena nerves

Yes...they got the best of me. ARENA NERVES... I had so much anticipation going into the barrel race on Saturday. Story has been running faster and turning harder since beginning his Lubrisyn regmine. We made a spectacular practice run during the week...the pressure was on to make a great run. And I BLEW it! I knocked down 2 barrels. I was so disappointed. I just knew as long as I could remember to breathe through my run, push all the way to the barrel and keep my hands down I would be in great shape. I didnt do any of those things. I am now DETERMINED to become a better rider. I am determined to mentally get prepared and overcome "arena nerves". On my barrel racing blog next week I will be posting tips from accomplished barrel racers on how to over come arena nerves. Stay tuned to see if I can take their advice and over come my nervousness as I prepare for my first IPRA rodeo in two weeks.

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