Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lubrisyn testimony

As I sit here feeding Reese I am already anticipating my run today. We run IBRA sanctioned races and I run in the open. I am too old for the youth, obviously and havent quite hit the mark for the masters class. Each show it is a one chance deal for me. My horse, Darn Good Story, is....well...seasoned doesnt do justice to describe him. He is a 20 year old former futurity winner, AQHA point earner, rodeo winner...what hasn't this horse done in his lifetime. We have owned him for almost 2 years. The years of running have taken their toll and his has some arthritis in his joints. We work hard and maintain him through joint injections, Adequon, ice wraps and our newest aid is the supplement Lubrisyn. Wow what a difference this product has made. Story has been taking it for almost a month now. Our first run after he started it I could see a big difference in him. He felt better and we ran about .3 faster. I moved from the bottom of the third division to the top an won second place that night. We took a couple weekends off as the horses hadnt missed a weekend since May. Today will be our second show since using Lubrisyn. I am excited! We practiced on the pattern one day this week, mostly for me I am still learning about barrel racing. His run was amazing. He is wrapping barrels, using his hind quarters and he is so full of energy. Today will be be a test of my riding skills. I am just returning from having a baby on June 4th and getting with this horse with his "new legs" will be a challenge for me. As my friend Tanya says "ride em like you stole em and whip to the trailer" I dont know about all that but we will see how it all turns out.......

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