Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the beginning.....

Social media is truly changing life as we all know it. I know it surely has changed my life. I discovered MySpace quite sometime ago due to having teenagers. I created, or had my son Chase, create a MySpace page for me. The absolute intent of this page was and is to keep an eye on who and what our kids talk about. I just don't think you can ever be too careful especially when some members of the crew are a little naive. Then a few months ago while pregnant and on bed rest I discovered Facebook. Life has never been the same. I was introduced to it by my step dad who lives miles away in Kansas. He uses it to stay in touch with family around the country. I thought what a great idea so I created a Facebook page. I loved the fact I could update it right from bed on my cell phone. I quickly realized just how many friends were currently using it and how I could reconnect with people who had moved away. I was addicted. Next came my husband. He made fun of me for awhile but I discovered it was all just a show when after stepping away from the computer briefly I caught him reading and commenting on my page. It became a constant thing that he wanted to read what was going on so I insisted he get off my page and make his own....what was I thinking? He now has over 100 friends and has become some kind of expert farmer on Farmville. He is addicted. We also got Chase on board and my step daughter Lauren has a page, though she doesnt use hers quite as much as she does MySpace. Next I found Twitter. The really cool think about Twitter is the ability to follow famous people. How cool is it to know that Taylor Swift is baking cookies or that Miley Cyrus just ate at Ben and Jerrys? I also love the updates from companies about new products they are about to release. So you can see I am truly a Social that a word? The only unturned social media page that I hadn't jumped into was a blog....and here I am. I am not an expert on anything except life and will share the crazy, busy, happy, sad and real events of life. I someone out there reads and follows my reflections and shares their take on what is happening.

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  1. My husband came home last night laughing, saying, "Honey, we are out- teched by Mom. When I went over to check on them, she was sitting and chatting on Facebook."

    Apparently, Mom- in her late 60's- finds Facebook wonderful, and is online several ties a day now.

    Go figure! Next thing we know, she'll be Tweeting folks...