Thursday, November 5, 2009

Following the NFR Barrel Racing Qualifiers

As the NFR approaches there are all kinds of last minute details being finalized.  Unfortunately for a couple of the ladies they have had to go searching for a ride.  Tammy Fischer's horse Roundpen is out due to an ankel injury but it was announced yesterday that she will be riding Cause Hesa Bully owned by Nancy Adkins.  This is exciting news for Nancy.  Tammy is sure to be a sentimental favorite this year.  She lost her son earlier in the year but kept riding and made the final an injury to her horse...she has a lot to overcome but I am sure she will in grand style.

PJ Burger is also looking for a ride as the horse she rode most of the year Perks Master was taken out of her barn (possibly sold I am not sure what the story is but he was ridden last week at the NBHA World by one of the Steinhoff girls).  PJ hasnt made an announcement yet but we are all anxiously awaiting.

I love the NFR and cant wait to watch!


  1. When you say "taken out of her barn" it sounds like it was stolen - not the case? Thanks for the update!

  2. Me too! My hubby groans all through the barrel racing. But he just has to deal with it...I sit there and don't say a word through the roughstock. :)

  3. It was kind of a tough year for Jill Moody. Dolly did survive her illness in Canada. The other horse that was with did not.

  4. Correction to yesterdays post PJ had been riding Fancy Man Perks in her quest to the NFR. The horse was taken out of her barn by the owners and possibly sold (not real sure just know Tanya Steinhoff rode him at the NBHA World last week). Still no word on a horse for PJ.....

    Tough year for Jill is right. For those ladies losing a horse is the next thing to losing a family member. That horse is their livlihood and they likely spend more time with the horse than their family.