Monday, November 16, 2009

Neglected Blog and GREAT News!

Yes I have neglected my blog for almost a week!  I can't believe I have been so bad.  It has been busy but there is good news to report.  Chase was cleared to ride on Friday!  The doctor of course said he must wear a helmet and cautioned us about him being careful and several other things that might still effect him.  But he was clear to ride.  On Saturday morning we headed out to an IBRA barrel race in Tennessee to get Chase back into the swing of things.  His day started out well.  He ran a friends horse in the youth, that he had never ridden and was in the first divison.  He ran his horse in youth as well and clocked a first division time out of 36 horses...not a bad comeback.  But there was more to come.  He came back in the open and won the second division out of 107 horses!  And there were some pretty big names there!  It was awesome he was a half second off the winner. It was a great day. 

Then it came time for my run.  Since returning from my maternity leave I have stepped it up and really allowed my horse to run.  I have overcome a lot of the nervousness that I previously experienced and the past two shows I was really running well.  So I am ready Saturday to ask for speed...not just let him go on his own but ask him to run hard.  I did an exhibition run where I pushed him a little but I wanted to save some horse for the race, he is 20.  Now it is my turn and I decide I am ready...there is quite a long alley way and you actually start in the parking lot at this arena, run into a building.  So I let him go from the parking lot, kick all the way down the alley....I am thinking in my mind to not let him step out of the first barrel like he didn in his exhibition thing I know he drops to turn and I dont and I am hanging off the side looking up at the horn!  I have that moment where I say ok should I let go or try to save this....I saved it.  I ddin't hit the ground but boy was I CLOSE....and embarassed.  Now I know everyone comes off at some point.  But it is still embarassing.  I really hope my next run I dont let this sit in the back of my mind and cause me to take a step back, rather than continue my progress forward.....guess we will see on Saturday.


  1. Yowza! So glad you saved it! Sounds like you both had a great day! Chase finishing so well and you staying on! I don't think this will do anything but cause you to be more aware next time you come in to that first barrel.

  2. YAY Chase! What a comeback!!!
    And you, hey, you stayed on. That's all that matters. You saved it and made your run. No worries, you won't let it happen again I'm sure :)
    Love your blog. You make me want to get out and run more :)

  3. That is great news about Chase!! It's also great that he did so well!!
    Scary that you almost came off! That would be embarrassing, but thankfully you saved it and didn't get hurt!!

  4. Awesome job on the comeback Chase!!! Rock on!! Now I have to say first, I am really glad you saved yourself on that run!! And secondly I know the people that were watching that run weren't thinking "whoa she almost fell off" they were thinking "AWESOME she still made that ride"!!! I know because those are the thoughts I have when I've seen that kind of thing happen!! And you'll do great next time!!