Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Girl and Her Horse

I will be honest and say nothing makes me happier than to see her ride. I always wanted a little girl and of course I wanted her to love horses as much as I do.  For so long Madison was so afraid and just didnt have that drive to learn to ride.  But in the past few months that has all changed.  She wants nothing more than to ride and can't wait for the next horse show.  She really listens to her step-dad, John, when he helps her and that makes me proud as Madison doesnt really like to take instruction from anyone at any other time.  She is independent, opinionated and stubborn and I have no idea where all that came from (;) Here are some pictures I shot of her while riding.


  1. Glad she is back on. My girl was 5 and riding when one of our horses decided to lay down with her and roll. She got off but didn't get back on for 5 years! Now she's 13, riding everyday, running in the 1D and placing in the 2D. She's got the fever. It is just amazing to watch them grow on horseback!

  2. Such wonderful pictures of Madison riding!!
    That is so great that she just wants to ride!!

  3. That's great that she is working through that fear, and I think it's awesome that you did not force her to do it!! Some aren't as lucky and they are made to do things that scare them... But it looks like you did well and now she will learn and not be scared!! LOVE the pictures you did of her riding!!