Thursday, November 19, 2009

Menacing Mule

Oh my what a morning.....  Background to this story several years ago my dad, for whatever reason, decided to breed a quarter horse mare to a jack and raise a mule.  Which he did.  About the time this mule was born he was diagnosed with cancer and for about 6 years battled cancer, many operations, radiation, chemo...very aggresive treatments.  He was unable for these years to really do anything but feed the horses and mule that he had.  Fast forward to 2009 and we have this 7 yr old, only broke to lead, stubborn, smarter than a human, mule.  Her latest antic is to just get out of the pasture and back in as she pleases.  We can not figure out how, possibly jumping the fence we just dont know.  She gets out and it drives our Australian Shepherds crazy...herding instinct kicks in and they insist on herding her somewhere.  So here we have mule, dogs barking and chasing, mule running through yard and down the road ( we live on a dead end one lane road so not really a traffic hazard).  It has been going on for 2 weeks and is very annoying to me not to mention to my husband who loathes the mule I named Mabel.  This morning it all about went wrong.  Mabel had gotten out again during the night and when hubby went to feed the horses the dogs began to herd her as they always do.  Mabel didn't want to be herded this morning and turned on the dogs and trampled Josey, our red Aussie.  Josey ran into the woods and my hubby is fearful she went off to die.  Mabel knowing she was in trouble retreats down the road and somehow back into the pasture while hubby looks for the dog.  All is well as Josey showed up with just a slight limp and Mabel is back in the pasture for now....but something has to give or Mabel is going to end up on a trailer out of here in search of another home if she can't stay behind the fence.  Anyone else ever dealt with a mule or any animal that is so contrary??????


  1. Oh how frustrating!!! I have never had a mule... I wouldn't know the first thing about them, but what is she doing while she's put? Is she in search for something? Or is there something in the pasture that is bothering her? I hope you Aussie is OK!! I had a puppy mini Aussie that has stomped by one of my horses this summer, luckily it only broke a small piece in the growth plate in his paw :(

  2. Oh, I'm having the same issue with houdini dog - our Aussie insists on getting out of his kennel -I'm writing a post right now with Pics of his latest escape where he got stuck and couldn't go anywhere!

  3. We had a Chianina X that would jump 5' panels
    Long horns that would climb the same 5' panels.
    Horses that were better at untying knots than I was at tying............Long and short (mostly short) I had to electrify everything. up to 4 wire (rope/wire) with alternating the wires +-. Other than that your price is reasonable but you might try seeing if you can get the beasty to carry some panniers. Fairly easy and hopefully more interest would be generated.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I don't know anything about mules....what a pain!

  5. The biggest problem with mules is they are too smart for their own good. There is not a thing that will keep her in now except electric. And, maybe some training!!!! How is Dad doing? Any chance he is going to take her on any time soon? What about training her for barrels? We had a friend who had a mule that beat the pants off most of the QHs they came across. Russ also trail rode her and drove her with a teammate. He swore she was the best he ever had.