Thursday, October 29, 2009

Choosing a saddle

Madison needs a saddle.  She has been riding a very old saddle that just isnt working for her at all.  I certainly didn't realize when I started looking for a saddle for her just how expensive a youth saddle would be.  The ones pictured in yesterdays post are all well known, quality brands such as Circle Y, Double J, Cactus, Billy Cook.  Price range...$800-$3200!  Good used ones are difficult to find and also quite expensive.  As Madison and I discussed purchasing a saddle and the expense she came up with a GREAT solution.  "Mom", she says "I dont want you to have to spend your money on a saddle because they are so much.....I will just ask Santa!"  Great Idea!  Problem solved.

We are still doing some shopping around before we decide on a saddle.  It will be used by Madison for many years and then handed down to Reese if she decides to follow in her big sis footsteps.

If any of you know where to find a really good used youth barrel saddle we would still consider a used one at this point so please share!


  1. Oh boy, can I feel your $$ pain. I am also on a hunt for a used barrel saddle that fits Moon. My Ammerman is not wide enough for him although the saddle fits me perfectly. So right now, I am running in a roping saddle...that fits Moon, but not me so much.

    I had kind of thought that with the economy and horse market the way it is, I would be able to find a nice used saddle without too much trouble, but that isn't proving to be the case.

    Might I suggest Ebay? There is a lot of junk on there, but if you know what you are looking at, there are some good deals. I bought a beautiful high quality Ovation English saddle on there for about 1/2 the price of a new one, but it was the exact same saddle I had been looking at in the store so knew the quality. I have seen some nice youth barrel saddles on there that go for between $400-$700.

  2. I can't get over how high saddles are...thankfully my father-in-law and my dad build saddles. My dad built mine when I graduated, so I should be set for many, many years. My son will be blessed that way too!

  3. I'm not sure where you are in Kentucky but there is a saddle shop in Marion IL called McKinney's - all the barrel racers I know go there and they just love them, the service and the selection of saddles used and new. If he doesn't have it he can get it and they are very reasonable on Good Quality Saddles. Give them a call - they would be worth the drive.

    Marion - Williamson Co, McKinnney's Western Store, Rt 6 Halfway Rd, IL 62959, Tel: 618-997-6974 - Western

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  5. Thanks for the blog comment! I love the name of yours, how fun that you barrel race! The pink saddles in the previous post are adorable. I live in OKC, so there are used saddle shops a dime a dozen around here. Have you looked on Craigslist?

  6. I went through that pain about 2 years ago with my DD, we went to a town about an hour and a half away where they make saddles but their wait time is years!!! The place is called HUNN Leather, they sell new saddles and they also have used saddles but we could never find anything worth buying so we ended up purchasing an SRS Saddlery Saddle. They are out of Pilot Point TX and I have heard great reviews on them, they are hand made by 2 guys there and my DD's is gorgeous and is holding really well!! It cost me about $800.00 for the saddle..