Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technical Tuesday

I tried desperately to post on Tuesday but technical difficulties just wouldn't have it that I be success ful.  I am still not sure what the issue was.  I had a post completed, with pictures and it just vanished when I tried to save.  I did however finally mange to get my laptop to recognize my camera.  I have an older model Canon Digital Rebel and was having issues getting it to be recognized by my laptop...that problem is solved! YAY ME! Moving on to todays projects one of my favorites...(NOT)... the washing of the boots.  Bell boots, splint boots all have to be washed as it was a little muddy where we ran Saturday night.  So I am headed to my laundry room to throw them in the washer and get them cleaned up and ready for our next ride. 

We really aren't sure where we plan to show next.  We aren't making a lot of effort to find shows either until Chase is recovered.  He goes back to the neurosurgeon November 13th and we will discuss his riding at that point.  In the meantime we have planned an exciting trip for Chase next week.  He has been down in the dumps after this whole ordeal so to lift his spirits we are going to take him to the All American Quarter Horse Congress next weekend.  Chase has never been and is really looking forward to this trip. Ok I have delayed it as long as I to the laundry room!


  1. Oh the Congress certainly would cheer me up!:)

    I went once...ages part of my college horse judging team. It was so incredible.

    Have fun!

  2. OH I hope you guys have a blast!! I sure could use a vacation right now!! Even if it were a mini one LOL!! Have fun and share lots of details!!