Monday, October 19, 2009

H1N1 and miraculous recoveries....

We interupt the normally scheduled My Monday Picks for an episode of H1N1...yes it has hit our house.  My oldest son Bradley, 18, was diagnosed with it today. He was prescribed Tamiflu and though he feels really bad right now the Tamiflu has been working well to diminish the symptoms quickly.  There is lots of Germx and hand washing going on here and the smell of bleach is in the air as I try to keep everyone else from getting the "swine flu".  We opted not to get the vaccination.  Our doctor said that unless you had some type of disease or ailment that would cause your immune system to be run down he didnt recommend it.  And so we didnt take it.  Actually I am not sure it is even available yet in our area.  So 5 days of Tamiflu and he should be good as new.

I also wanted to post pictures of Chase 3 weeks to the day after his accident.  It is amazing to see how he has truly is a miracle and blessing from God. He returns to the neurosurgeon on November 13th.  We will be anxious for that visit as we should find out if Chase can return to riding.  For now we are thankful that he has made such a speedy recovery.


  1. Now that viruses become hybrid, our immune system must be efficient enough to fight against it. It is a neccesity to take vitamins and other essential nutrients as defense to avoid acquisition of diseases.
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  2. Oh stinks!! That's horrible! The Tamiflu is great stuff!! I pray that the rest of your family will stay well!!

  3. Hi, I popped over here from Broken Y. I love your blog, and will be back! :)
    Hope ya'll stay healthy. We have decided against the vaccine as well, and have been taking vitamins like candy. :)

  4. We've opted not to receive the vaccine also. Hope the bleach keeps it away from everyone else! One of my twins crashed and put a gash in his forehead. Had 8 stitches but nothing like this guys! It has healed nicely!