Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Foliage Friday

Besides the changing colors there is another common theme to Fall Foliage Friday pictures ....the rain and fog.  I feel like I live in Seatle not in Kentucky.  We have had almost constant rain for the past week and now it is turning cold, chance of snow flurries tonight!  Horses will be blanketed tonight and Macy the pregnant barn dog will trade her hay bale for the laundry room just in case she decides to give birth.

Colors are really beginning to change and within a week we will be at truly is the most beautiful time of year here.  Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.


  1. So beautiful!!! Gosh that is the one thing we lack here!

  2. Hi Christina! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leaving your comments! I've never been to Kentucky, but from photos I've seen, it seems very similar to the west (and wet) side of Oregon. You've got some beautiful color going on...enjoy it!

    Dont' let those gloomy days get ya down though. I know it can be tough (I was born 'n raised on the rainy side of Oregon) depressing when the rain doesn't let up for weeks at a time.

    Chin up cowgirl!

  3. How pretty! Living in a desert, we don't get too see many fall colors. Just shades of brown. :)