Thursday, October 15, 2009 we have them?

I am fairly new to the blog concept.  I have loomed around reading them from time to time for years but only since starting my own have I really taken the time to read a lot of blogs from a variety of perspectives on life.  We hear a lot about how women like to share information and that blogging is fast becoming the way to do it.  Lots of blogs try to share information about common problems and issues that face women.  However, when I read a lot of these blogs I find myself not relating to the same issues.  Maybe it is because I live a rural life consumed with horses and dogs and kids and rabbits.  What are your biggest issues?  For the few of you that read my blog you likely have a lot in common with me and maybe we can relate better than I relate to some of the other blogs I read.  Issues for me are time, time to do barn work, time to clean house and make supper, time to work the horses and fence the pasture.  I need people who can share ideas about how to fence for the goats I want to buy and how to make a rabbit box for those 2 furry friends my son won me at the festival last week.  I need to know how to get over my nervousness when I make a barrel run and should I use the magic seat for my daughter.  Enough of my rambling...what are the things in your life that you need to vent about, resolve and plan for?  Maybe we can help each other out!


  1. Oh there are issues alright! lol Mine right now revolve around my fiance's crazy Mormon family (not that I have anything against Mormons, but it seems this brand here in the valley love to judge anyone who is not). So in between wondering what is wrong with enjoyng a glass of wine every now and then and a cup of coffee in the morning - I'm definetely trying to fit in time after teaching to work horses, wondering what trainer I want to get my 2 year old started with barrels, if I should breed my brood mare next spring, when we should try and get pregnant, how to keep my chickens laying through the winter and what in the world I'm going to do with these goats!!! lol

    We put in posts and ran chicken wire around it (about 6 foot high) then put cattle panel on the inside for the goat pen.Not sure if it works yet as they are still living in my horse trailer, but I have high hopes they won't get out. It's really sturdy however, so I think it'll be alright. I'll let you know how it works!

  2. I think that is why I love to blog is that I get to meet so many very interesting people! I love my horses and I have some real fear issue with riding! I am not fortunate to have had horses through my life and I have had alot of green horses that have pitched me from their backs and I still persist in owning them and trying to get beyond my fears. I would love to own a bomb proof horse but unfortunately, I now have two that I know how they are and I am afraid to end up with someone else's problem so I will work on my riding skills first then go to working or I should say playing with my horses. Right now I just enjoy having them around! I don't have to many people around me that like to ride western that I know of and everyone seems to do dressage, so, I am doing the riding dressage style until I have my riding skills up to par then I will go into doing my own thing after I improve the riding! Take care and thanks for stopping at my blog!

  3. Gosh-I simply got into blogging so I could give my friends in AZ a peek into the life I came back to. When I lived there...I worked in a bank. Still had my horses, but it was like a whole 'nother life compared to now.

    Now that I have made so many "friends", I think my blogging has taken a different direction. I love to yak about bloodlines, breeding, training, performing and it is fun to have people give me feedback on some of that.

    How do I control my nerves before a run? I try to stand and "watch" a few runs before me. I watch the runs, but rather than focus on what those riders are doing, I try to focus on picturing my perfect run. Where do I need to make my pocket, when do I sit, when do I lift, how long do I hold it. I try to imagine every single detail of my perfect run...while someone else is making theirs. And I breath! Yes, I still get butterflies in my stomach, but they are good butterflies.

  4. I know all about the nervousness, I'm coming back after 3 1/2 year layoff... sometimes I get nervous just working her in the pasture... I was at a big barrel race years ago and I guess I looked like a nervous wreck because this lady came up to and was singing the craziest song said nerves got to her too, and I got so tickled with her When they call us to come running I had forgotten all about being nervous... now that silly song pops in my head whenever I get nervous. I still have never gotten to thank her.

  5. So WOW, I can relate a bit to each comment left LOL!! Just a shout to Danielle, my Hubby's family is mormon also. It can be a challenge, I just learn to turn the cheek!!

    Now when I got into blogging myself it was kind of an outreach to find people with common interests as mine. And I have found a great group of them!! As far as my horses go I really look for input on different topics, whether it be naming, blood lines, breeding, color, attitude issues, and one really important thing to maybe learn more about Barrel Racing. I was never fortunate enough to own horses as a kid, I rode with friends my whole life but never had the "extra's" in working them, training, and eventing. I look for this info because DD does Barrel race, Pole Bends, Goat tying, and she is ready to get into breakaway. But the problem is I cannot teach her all that she needs to know for certain issues she might have during a run...

    And just a side note I also follow some blogs that have nothing to do with country life. They are more "real life" issues type blogs and I like them too because it always reminds me of how fortunate I am to be where I'm at in this simpler place in life.. And I love to help people so I feel like I have something to offer them as well!

  6. As a professional horseman and barrel racer, and a girl who's coached lots and lots of folks, my best advice is 1. find a quiet place, and remember what the great run you made at home this week *felt like*, and then picture yourself making that same run at the event where you are. 2. if your horse is quiet and will let you, get into a routine, such as making sure your girth is tight 10 runners before you 3. sing a song out-loud, quietly to yourself while you're behind the alley, and even while you're going down the alley. 4. finally remember that you're there to help your horse, not for anyone else. So don't worry about them...

    Glad I found your blog!

  7. I started bloggin' cause all our family lives far away. It was a way for them to see what was goin' on with us. Then I started meeting all these great people and it became a social outlet for me. I get some good advice too. There is always someone out there that knows lots more than me!

    Did you know that my husband had a fence building company for over 10 years. I bet he could give ya some suggestions for your fence. But he hates goats. I had some for awhile. He says they can get out of anything.