Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet Audrey Reese!

Audrey Reese was born June 4, 2009. She is my late in life baby....being pregnant at 35 isn't so easy. But it was all worth it...including the 4 months of bed rest and the startling delivery. She has brought so much joy to our lives. I have had a different experience with her than with my other 4. With the other kids I always was thinking about them growing up and how I couldn't wait to see them walk and talk and play ball and hunt Easter eggs. With Reese I realize that will all come too soon. Her oldest brother is 18! What happened to the days when he was still learning to grasp things with his hands and make cooing sounds? He is technically (and I do only mean technically) an adult. With Reese I savor those moments that I can cuddle her like a baby and feed her and watch her play and learn to do things. I know all too soon I will turn around and she will be going out the door to drive to school. I am most happy that she has not only brought joy to the lives of me and her dad but also to her siblings. She is truly a joy for us all!


  1. What a cutie!

    I know what you mean...I only had the one kiddo and now I wished I could go back and do it all over again. She is going to be turning 16 in a few days and I seem to be longing for her to be young again.

  2. Oh she is just adorable!!! And I love her name! My Hubby and I want another, I am 31 but I didn't have a good pregnancy with our daughter who will be 11 in December.. So we just figure if it's God's will then it'll happen. It is very bittersweet seeing them grow up. My oldest is a sophomore and we ordered his class ring a couple of weeks ago and while I was so proud to be ordering that for him there was also that realization that this is the beginning of the end for his life living at home :(

    I'm glad you get to experience it again with a profound respect and appreciation for what a gift you received!!

  3. Gosh she's cute! Reading this is making me really want to hurry. I'm 32 and have no children of my own yet, and I'm thinking the older I get the harder it's going to be. You'll be good for me!