Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post Congress Review

What can I say...it was great as usual. (I forgot my camera BUMMER!)  We arrived just in time to catch many of the barrel and pole classes.  Congress lived up to all  Chase expectations.  He got to see the top riders and horses in the country.  He was especially interested in seeing Mulberry Canyon Moon, as we all were.  Our yearling is by her half brother so we feel a connection to her.  She is such a great horse.  She won the sweepstakes at Congress 2 years ago and since has gone to Angie Meadors who runs the PRCA circuit.  Macy as they call her had a good run in the 2nd go of the sweeps but knocked a barrel in the finals.  Other great horses we got to see were BF Shananigan, SR Red Ryder and many of the up and coming stars.  In the end the sweepstakes was won by a young boy, Trevor Pruitt.  I am going to guess him to be around 13.  He is really cleaning up this year winning one go of the IBRA East Nationals and now the Congress Sweepstakes. 

Many of our Kentucky friends placed in classes including Holly Botner who placed in senior barrels, 2nd in amateur and placed in the sweepstakes.  The sire of our Bully colt also placed 4th in the amateur poles. And Chase good friend Will Bingham placed 3rd and 5th in Youth 14-18 poles.

The trade show was outstanding as usual.  You don't ever really find any "great buys" but you get to see so many things that normally you can only find in a catalog or online.  Having said that I came away with a late birthday present from the hubby, well worth the wait....something I have always wanted....a pair of black ostrich boots!  How cool are these!

I am hoping to get time to work on my blog, add some pictures and more about my interest, in the next few days so be sure to check back.


  1. NICE boots!

    The trade show is one of the things I remember so well from Congress. Not much in the way of "deals" to be found. But soooo much stuff to drool over.

    I spent a lot of time walking around looking at the "rigs" that people came in. Coming off a ranch in SD, I wasn't used to seeing such fancy outfits. It was amazing to me.

  2. Can I just say, those boots ROCK!

  3. Your boots are really pretty! Love square toed boots! I can't buy them off the shelf b/c I have crazy teenie feet, so I have to have them made.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog- you can keep up with our horse herd by checking in with us at facebook, and by visiting our website at www.ducheneaux.com. We raise horses with the bloodlines of Jet Smooth, Doc Bar, Royal King, Poco Bueno and Peppy San Badger.

    I try to keep updated on events on my blog as well.

  4. AUsome boots! Happy belated birthday too btw!
    I have only made it to Congress once to watch and help out my ex-fiance in the roping but WOW it was fun!

  5. Lovin' those boots!! I will probably be in the market for a new pair soon, since I have to wear mine everyday now, they will probably wear out faster, but you know what? Just gives me an excuse to buy more boots!!

  6. Love the boots!!! To bad you forgot your camera!! Sounds like you guys had a great time though!!

  7. Love the boots! I tried on a pair of ostrich skin, I was in love with when I was up there, but didnt buy them and now I regret it.

    Great blog!