Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Am Alive

Have you heard the new Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews song I Am Alive? I hadn't heard it until yesterday but wow when I did it brought up so many emotions. Last Saturday September 26 as I worked on this blog...hoping on Monday to debut the new look and new direction I want to go...I got a call that my son Chase, 15, had been in an accident. Chase had gone to his dad's for the weekend and from there joined up with a friend to ride his TRex. The TRex is a two seater type ATV. To make a long grueling story short they lost control on a wet road and struck a car. Chase was transferred from our small town hospital to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with a fractured skull, bone pushing on his brain, huge gash revealing his skull and a cracked cheek bone. After undergoing surgery to place a metal plate and mold the bone back together Chase is doing rather well. He is a miracle...God was with him and continues to answer our prayers of a speedy recovery. Though he is doing well there are challenges to come. Chase is a dedicated barrel racer and is missing the IBRA East National Finals and the Youth Barrel Bash. He is already counting the days until he can ride again. We are all praying for his recovery to be quick. Life is slowly working back to some sense of what our normal is.

This is Chase the morning after surgery...looking rough but giving us the thumbs up.

Chase after we arrived home.


  1. OMG.... he's so handsome but is a miracle than he still alive:)

  2. OMG-Poor baby. So lucky to have survived that.

    And his friend?

  3. OH MY!!! Praise God that your son was OK!! I've been reading through your blog, I just love it!!