Monday, October 12, 2009

My Picks Monday

Every Monday I will highlight some of my favorite things. Most of my picks will be related to things I love like horses, photography, scrapbooking and social media. But I will mix it up so it doesn't get boring. Here goes the first edition of My Picks Monday....

My pick for horse related websites is Barrel Horse World This site includes forums, classifieds and event listings. It is the place to go for horses, tack, dogs and trailers for sale.

My pick for blog of the week is A Cowboys Wife This professional blogger has great information and giveaways as well as links to her cooking website.

My pick for scrapbooking website is Big Picture Scrapbooking This method has changed how I scrapbook and I am so thankful! It took the stress of chronological order and that I must scrap them all....away and I enjoy scrapbooking much more these days.

Enjoy these websites as much as I do.

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